Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The first one!

OKAY! So I've decided to start a blog!

I've got to be honest I really don't know where to start.... I guess my blogging is going to start rather dull and eventually start filling out as we go.

SO I am 23 years old, live in Melbourne, obsessed with Musical Theatre (and any performing arts I guess)
... hmmm ANYWAY like I said I am going to reveal more about myself and my life as we go through the blog...

Tonight I got home from a "Weekend" away in Gippsland visiting my family. It was a really good break from everything. I stayed at one of my younger sister's place (She has recently moved out into her own place) where she, my brother, my partner and myself polished off Two bottles of wine, One bottle of "Wild Turkey American Honey" and "Canadian Club Lime" so needless to say we were a bit seedy the next morning.

(Quick side note... I am terrible at spelling, grammar and punctuation SO feel free to just ignore that)

SO the weekend away... After spending the night at my sisters I spent the majority of the next day at my mum's place. One of my elder sisters and her baby live with Mum. My other elder sister and her two children all came over to spend the day (I don't get to Gippsland very often so it's always a good catch-up when I do) It was a lot of fun to spend the day with most of the family. My partner Tristan is so "clucky" when it comes to one of my nieces "Miss K" who is about 17 months old i think (I call her this as this is what my sister refers to her daughter in her own blog "Search for Sanity" which you can check out here - http://singlemumplusone.blogspot.com.au/ ) and she is just as taken with him. I will post pictures of them once I get permission from my sister to do so.

Later that evening I went to my brothers place to see his new house (he too had recently moved) to have dinner. It was good to catch up with him and his Fiance as I hadn't seen then in quite a few months. I also got to spend some time with his daughter which was great. She is talking a little more and walking and doesn't hide behind mum and dad when I'm around any more (she is a bit shy and as she only see's me every few months she doesn't always remember who I am)

Another quick side note... I brief family history!
I am one of Six children, I have Two older Sisters, Miss S, Miss E. One older brother, Mr J and two younger sisters Miss N and Miss K (I just realized that that is the same as what my niece is called so I shall call my youngest sister Billy as that is her nick name... I won't use there real names as some of my family are a bit cautious about internet and privacy and what not so out of respect until given permission to do otherwise I shall refer to them as such). My eldest sister is Married to Mr J and they have two children, a Daughter (who is 8 years old) and a Son (who is 5 years old) My second eldest has a daughter (Miss K) and my older brother's Daughter (who is around 20 months old?)

WOW this is a very disjointed blog... This is not a surprise as that is kinda how my brain works...

Probably a good time to mention that I have Bipolar disorder and "BPD" (Borderline Personality Disorder) which for anyone who has a mental illness or knows someone who suffers from mental illness has its "interesting moments" As of this there will be times where Mental illness are "hot topics" for my blog... Along with Equal rights for Gay/Lesbian/Bi people....

NOW would be a good time to branch off!! I am gay as you may or may not have guessed when I mentioned my partner Tristan. I am not an extremist or anything like that and I really try not to shout out to the world that about my sexuality as really it is such a small part of who a person is it really shouldn't be a defining characteristic used to describe them. However I do have my moments where something happens that "Grinds my gears" ( I should totally have a section in all of my blogs of things that 'grind my gears')

At the moment I really hate being Gay... I have always been against gay marriage. Stupid and hypocritical I know BUT I always saw marriage as a religious thing to bind two people in the eyes of god and protect their children so they weren't "bastards" and went to heaven... Which I still do believe... However a little while ago my partner proposed to me, now I had always said "If gay marriage became legal and my partner wanted to I would as I see it as a piece of paper, but if it means something to them.. who am I to take that away"  however when Tristan proposed it really hit home that I really only said that to convince myself that I don't want to get married. I have ALWAYS wanted the whole 'white picket fence wife and kids' and obviously I wont get  that being a gay man. When Tristan proposed I realized that I'm not allowed to get married. I am a decent person, I do right by everyone I can and do everything I am supposed to... so really... WHY am I not allowed to get married and who the hell does anyone thing they are that they have the right to take away my right to have a piece of paper that says my partner and I have made a commitment to each other. HOW DOES THAT PIECE OF PAPER EFFECT YOU IN ANY WAY???

If anything in out economic slump... Legalizing gay marriage would be JUST the boost needed... Do people realize how much money us gay's will spend to put on the most FABULOUS weddings

ANYWAY I think that is enough of that for one blog...

I am a bit tapped on what to write and got distracted by watching "Family Guy" so my train of thought has been disrupted.

SO I shall call it a night, Thanks for reading and I look forward to rambling some more tomorrow night.


  1. Yes you have my permission to put pictures of Miss K up. I've also put a link to your blog on my blog so hopefully I can send some traffic your way. Awesome first blog little brother, I laughed, I cried, I got distracted by something shiny. Now all it needs is a subscription button so I can have your new posts straight in my news feed.

  2. Replies
    1. Through the blogger dashboard. You need to find your layout, then add it to your widgets. If you can't find it I can give you a hand next time you're down. Worst comes to worst just browse the blogger help section.


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