Saturday, 22 September 2012

Good Idea at the Time

Wow! so this blog is rather late!!!

I went out with some of my theatre friends last night. First we went to Universe Cafe for some dinner, then we all (except a couple who were tired) went onto "The Night Cat" for a few drinks.

After that some more friends came along including my friend Leighton and his partner Andrew. It was Leighton's birthday so we all drank and celebrated which was a lot of fun. Some of us headed off to "Peel" which was interesting as I hadn't been in a long time and at that point hadn't had a lot to drink so was interesting to watch all the guys "in action"

When heading home my friend Jev offered to drive me as he lives very close to my place... We caught a taxi from Peel to the rough location of his car (a group of 5 went to the peel in one car and Jev and I left early hence the taxi) We walked around looking for the car and couldn't find it... Getting a bit lost we decided to go back to the night cat and retrace his steps to find the car. We were trying to keep an eye out for "Public  Bar" as Jev said he parked near it... After an hour walking around we passed the same street 100 times and still couldn't find the car.... We ended up where the Taxi originally dropped us off and walked an extra 15 meters down the road than we previously did only to see his car hidden behind a big Ute. Needless to say we felt a bit stupid but it was rather entertaining.

When I got home I found my housemate watching some tv so we decided to have a few more drinks as neither of us were tired. So this turned into us getting stupidly drunk and got into a very deep conversation (Gotta love drunken "D 'n' M's") Next thing you know we saw light outside, looked at the clock and it was 8am.

(Will take this time to quickly say that my House mate Tim H (I live with two Tim's) and I have become really close friends and a few months ago he got me through a REALLY rough patch in my life and I confided in him about things that I haven't been able to talk to any one about before. So I would like to just say how much I appreciate him being there for me and for being an amazing human being... Sappy I know BUT true)

So I crashed on the couch for a few hours and NOW I am writing this blog while watching a few movies... Obviously today is going to be a lazy day.

So I am going to sign off now and I will be blogging again later on tonight.

Cheers all.

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