Sunday, 23 September 2012

My balls are burning!!!


Welcome to the next in my series of blog-ness!!!

So today was a massive day at rehearsals. We are powering through the choreography really fast (good for me) to get through it all in time. The choreographer is amazing!! Always makes me laugh, is a phenomenal dancer and I love his chore! It's kinda simple but fast and he has some really random syncopation through out his chore. I haven't tapped this much and this hard in such a long time.

So my musical theatre life for next year promises to be AMAZING and I am so bloody excited you have no idea!!! unfortunately I can't really say to much at the moment as there is some stuff that is yet to be confirmed and other stuff that is yet to be publicized until the companies have announced. SO you guys will have to wait for the details.

Been trying to work out what shows I love and really want to MD (Musically Direct) and it's really hard to narrow it down... It's hard because I have to think about cast numbers, the "Bums on seats" factor (make sure it's a show that will sell) make sure it can be cast with the talent pool available... SO MANY FACTORS!!!

Any way.. I am going to go do some research and watch "Taken" (good movie if you haven't seen it) and possibly play Minecraft (good game if you haven't played it)


P.S. I almost forgot to explain the title!! "My balls are burning"

One of my fellow cast members complained at the end of the rehearsal today that his feet were really sore because we had been tapping all day... He was referring to the balls of his feet... how ever he turned to me and simply said "My balls are burning" It wasn't until I burst into laughter that he realized what he had said... Was rather amusing... Possibly a "had to be there" moment.

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