Wednesday, 19 September 2012

It's a bird, no it's a plane... No it's.. An AVOCADO!!!

WOO! Okay so Day two, BLOG TWO!!

Today was really an uneventful day. I went to the supermarket to get groceries for dinner, watched a movie and then cooked dinner... So really unproductive day as well.

I cooked an AMAZING dinner (even if I do say so myself) It was these pastry roll things (With Chicken, Spinach, Mushroom and Fetta Cheese) with Avocado Chips. I was skeptical about the avocado chips at first BUT they are really nice.

I'm a bit stumped what to write about tonight... I had a few ideas through out the day but as always I can't remember what they are now.

SO Exciting news... Tristan and I are going to take my niece Miss E to the Melbourne show for her birthday! It will be her first time going to the show and she is very excited. I am too, the show has become a little bit boring and repetitive so having a young mind with us will make it all the more "magical" again (Lame I know BUT you get the point)

I've decided to go on a bit of a health kick, I figure new house, new area, new me (having finally going back on my meds for Bipolar) I am not doing it so much to loose weight as I am a bit larger than I should be BUT I don't feel I am fat or anything. I would be happy to loose weight don't get me wrong... It it more of a "In with the good, Out with the bad" Last time I went on a 'Diet' I started with a "Detox" first and it was amazing how good I felt after just one week of the detox not to mention the weight that fell off JUST form eating differently.

I am in a show at the moment, doing "42nd Street" with Nova Music Theatre Company. It's weird because I haven't been called very often to rehearsals... It is good because they are only calling people when they are needed so I am not going there and sitting around doing nothing.
The show itself is a lot of fun. It is a tap show which is AMAZEBALLS as I haven't tapped in quite a while (Not proper tapping anyway)

Now I don't know if I mentioned but a large part of my life revolves around Musical Theatre and Performing SOOO This being the case I can guarantee you that Musicals and shows and performing will take up a lot of my blog.

ANYWAY I kinda feel like this is a waste of a blog BUT I said I would blog once a day SO that is what I will do... I have rehearsals and also catching up with my mate Ryan in the city SO I will have stuff to talk about in tomorrows blog (Which wont be up until late Thursday night if not very early Friday morning)

I shall catch you all then.  

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