Sunday, 23 September 2012

My balls are burning!!!


Welcome to the next in my series of blog-ness!!!

So today was a massive day at rehearsals. We are powering through the choreography really fast (good for me) to get through it all in time. The choreographer is amazing!! Always makes me laugh, is a phenomenal dancer and I love his chore! It's kinda simple but fast and he has some really random syncopation through out his chore. I haven't tapped this much and this hard in such a long time.

So my musical theatre life for next year promises to be AMAZING and I am so bloody excited you have no idea!!! unfortunately I can't really say to much at the moment as there is some stuff that is yet to be confirmed and other stuff that is yet to be publicized until the companies have announced. SO you guys will have to wait for the details.

Been trying to work out what shows I love and really want to MD (Musically Direct) and it's really hard to narrow it down... It's hard because I have to think about cast numbers, the "Bums on seats" factor (make sure it's a show that will sell) make sure it can be cast with the talent pool available... SO MANY FACTORS!!!

Any way.. I am going to go do some research and watch "Taken" (good movie if you haven't seen it) and possibly play Minecraft (good game if you haven't played it)


P.S. I almost forgot to explain the title!! "My balls are burning"

One of my fellow cast members complained at the end of the rehearsal today that his feet were really sore because we had been tapping all day... He was referring to the balls of his feet... how ever he turned to me and simply said "My balls are burning" It wasn't until I burst into laughter that he realized what he had said... Was rather amusing... Possibly a "had to be there" moment.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Lazy For The Win

Okay so I am going to be brief as I am tired as all buggery!!

I'm writing this blog so I don't fall behind on my "daily" aspect of my blogging.

I have done nothing since my late blog this morning. I watched "Animal Kingdom" with my housemate. Then had a bit of a sing along on the piano followed by watching "Community" gotta love lazy Saturdays. Tomorrow is gonna be a big day. Have rehearsals for 42nd street but I plan to get up early and do some research for a show proposal I'm putting together :-)

Have a good one and I shall blog you all again soon

Good Idea at the Time

Wow! so this blog is rather late!!!

I went out with some of my theatre friends last night. First we went to Universe Cafe for some dinner, then we all (except a couple who were tired) went onto "The Night Cat" for a few drinks.

After that some more friends came along including my friend Leighton and his partner Andrew. It was Leighton's birthday so we all drank and celebrated which was a lot of fun. Some of us headed off to "Peel" which was interesting as I hadn't been in a long time and at that point hadn't had a lot to drink so was interesting to watch all the guys "in action"

When heading home my friend Jev offered to drive me as he lives very close to my place... We caught a taxi from Peel to the rough location of his car (a group of 5 went to the peel in one car and Jev and I left early hence the taxi) We walked around looking for the car and couldn't find it... Getting a bit lost we decided to go back to the night cat and retrace his steps to find the car. We were trying to keep an eye out for "Public  Bar" as Jev said he parked near it... After an hour walking around we passed the same street 100 times and still couldn't find the car.... We ended up where the Taxi originally dropped us off and walked an extra 15 meters down the road than we previously did only to see his car hidden behind a big Ute. Needless to say we felt a bit stupid but it was rather entertaining.

When I got home I found my housemate watching some tv so we decided to have a few more drinks as neither of us were tired. So this turned into us getting stupidly drunk and got into a very deep conversation (Gotta love drunken "D 'n' M's") Next thing you know we saw light outside, looked at the clock and it was 8am.

(Will take this time to quickly say that my House mate Tim H (I live with two Tim's) and I have become really close friends and a few months ago he got me through a REALLY rough patch in my life and I confided in him about things that I haven't been able to talk to any one about before. So I would like to just say how much I appreciate him being there for me and for being an amazing human being... Sappy I know BUT true)

So I crashed on the couch for a few hours and NOW I am writing this blog while watching a few movies... Obviously today is going to be a lazy day.

So I am going to sign off now and I will be blogging again later on tonight.

Cheers all.

Friday, 21 September 2012

(8) Lullaby of Broadway (8)

So I am starting this at 11:58pm so this blog still counts as Thursday's Blog!!

So today i caught up with my mate Ryan, hung out and just caught up on stuff before having dinner and heading to rehearsals.
As I mentioned in my last blog I am in a production of "42nd Street" with NOVA. Tonight we blocked all of the ensemble scenes for act one. Was fun but I need to start running through the tap numbers more as when we came to do "We're in the Money" the steps completely slipped my mind. It is shaping up to be a great show though and only four weeks now till we open.

I'm a bit excited about various theatrical endeavors I have coming up. Not all of them I can talk about publicly just yet as I have to wait till they are announced first.

I'm going to my "Wife's" place tomorrow (A friend of mine Sarah who I met in my first show I did after moving to melbourne. In that show we were show "Bf and Gf" then the next we were engaged and now this show were married... Lame I know but this is how we pass our down time)

Okay so I have attached a picture of Sarah and I to the blog but I am writing this on my phone so I don't know how it works exactly.

On that note though I will leave you to it. Tomorrow's blog will be late as well as I am going out to dinner with a group of the cast of the show then some of us are going out drinking after (depending on the mood I may come home after dinner)

Hope you are all going well and I shall blog you all soon

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

It's a bird, no it's a plane... No it's.. An AVOCADO!!!

WOO! Okay so Day two, BLOG TWO!!

Today was really an uneventful day. I went to the supermarket to get groceries for dinner, watched a movie and then cooked dinner... So really unproductive day as well.

I cooked an AMAZING dinner (even if I do say so myself) It was these pastry roll things (With Chicken, Spinach, Mushroom and Fetta Cheese) with Avocado Chips. I was skeptical about the avocado chips at first BUT they are really nice.

I'm a bit stumped what to write about tonight... I had a few ideas through out the day but as always I can't remember what they are now.

SO Exciting news... Tristan and I are going to take my niece Miss E to the Melbourne show for her birthday! It will be her first time going to the show and she is very excited. I am too, the show has become a little bit boring and repetitive so having a young mind with us will make it all the more "magical" again (Lame I know BUT you get the point)

I've decided to go on a bit of a health kick, I figure new house, new area, new me (having finally going back on my meds for Bipolar) I am not doing it so much to loose weight as I am a bit larger than I should be BUT I don't feel I am fat or anything. I would be happy to loose weight don't get me wrong... It it more of a "In with the good, Out with the bad" Last time I went on a 'Diet' I started with a "Detox" first and it was amazing how good I felt after just one week of the detox not to mention the weight that fell off JUST form eating differently.

I am in a show at the moment, doing "42nd Street" with Nova Music Theatre Company. It's weird because I haven't been called very often to rehearsals... It is good because they are only calling people when they are needed so I am not going there and sitting around doing nothing.
The show itself is a lot of fun. It is a tap show which is AMAZEBALLS as I haven't tapped in quite a while (Not proper tapping anyway)

Now I don't know if I mentioned but a large part of my life revolves around Musical Theatre and Performing SOOO This being the case I can guarantee you that Musicals and shows and performing will take up a lot of my blog.

ANYWAY I kinda feel like this is a waste of a blog BUT I said I would blog once a day SO that is what I will do... I have rehearsals and also catching up with my mate Ryan in the city SO I will have stuff to talk about in tomorrows blog (Which wont be up until late Thursday night if not very early Friday morning)

I shall catch you all then.  

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The first one!

OKAY! So I've decided to start a blog!

I've got to be honest I really don't know where to start.... I guess my blogging is going to start rather dull and eventually start filling out as we go.

SO I am 23 years old, live in Melbourne, obsessed with Musical Theatre (and any performing arts I guess)
... hmmm ANYWAY like I said I am going to reveal more about myself and my life as we go through the blog...

Tonight I got home from a "Weekend" away in Gippsland visiting my family. It was a really good break from everything. I stayed at one of my younger sister's place (She has recently moved out into her own place) where she, my brother, my partner and myself polished off Two bottles of wine, One bottle of "Wild Turkey American Honey" and "Canadian Club Lime" so needless to say we were a bit seedy the next morning.

(Quick side note... I am terrible at spelling, grammar and punctuation SO feel free to just ignore that)

SO the weekend away... After spending the night at my sisters I spent the majority of the next day at my mum's place. One of my elder sisters and her baby live with Mum. My other elder sister and her two children all came over to spend the day (I don't get to Gippsland very often so it's always a good catch-up when I do) It was a lot of fun to spend the day with most of the family. My partner Tristan is so "clucky" when it comes to one of my nieces "Miss K" who is about 17 months old i think (I call her this as this is what my sister refers to her daughter in her own blog "Search for Sanity" which you can check out here - ) and she is just as taken with him. I will post pictures of them once I get permission from my sister to do so.

Later that evening I went to my brothers place to see his new house (he too had recently moved) to have dinner. It was good to catch up with him and his Fiance as I hadn't seen then in quite a few months. I also got to spend some time with his daughter which was great. She is talking a little more and walking and doesn't hide behind mum and dad when I'm around any more (she is a bit shy and as she only see's me every few months she doesn't always remember who I am)

Another quick side note... I brief family history!
I am one of Six children, I have Two older Sisters, Miss S, Miss E. One older brother, Mr J and two younger sisters Miss N and Miss K (I just realized that that is the same as what my niece is called so I shall call my youngest sister Billy as that is her nick name... I won't use there real names as some of my family are a bit cautious about internet and privacy and what not so out of respect until given permission to do otherwise I shall refer to them as such). My eldest sister is Married to Mr J and they have two children, a Daughter (who is 8 years old) and a Son (who is 5 years old) My second eldest has a daughter (Miss K) and my older brother's Daughter (who is around 20 months old?)

WOW this is a very disjointed blog... This is not a surprise as that is kinda how my brain works...

Probably a good time to mention that I have Bipolar disorder and "BPD" (Borderline Personality Disorder) which for anyone who has a mental illness or knows someone who suffers from mental illness has its "interesting moments" As of this there will be times where Mental illness are "hot topics" for my blog... Along with Equal rights for Gay/Lesbian/Bi people....

NOW would be a good time to branch off!! I am gay as you may or may not have guessed when I mentioned my partner Tristan. I am not an extremist or anything like that and I really try not to shout out to the world that about my sexuality as really it is such a small part of who a person is it really shouldn't be a defining characteristic used to describe them. However I do have my moments where something happens that "Grinds my gears" ( I should totally have a section in all of my blogs of things that 'grind my gears')

At the moment I really hate being Gay... I have always been against gay marriage. Stupid and hypocritical I know BUT I always saw marriage as a religious thing to bind two people in the eyes of god and protect their children so they weren't "bastards" and went to heaven... Which I still do believe... However a little while ago my partner proposed to me, now I had always said "If gay marriage became legal and my partner wanted to I would as I see it as a piece of paper, but if it means something to them.. who am I to take that away"  however when Tristan proposed it really hit home that I really only said that to convince myself that I don't want to get married. I have ALWAYS wanted the whole 'white picket fence wife and kids' and obviously I wont get  that being a gay man. When Tristan proposed I realized that I'm not allowed to get married. I am a decent person, I do right by everyone I can and do everything I am supposed to... so really... WHY am I not allowed to get married and who the hell does anyone thing they are that they have the right to take away my right to have a piece of paper that says my partner and I have made a commitment to each other. HOW DOES THAT PIECE OF PAPER EFFECT YOU IN ANY WAY???

If anything in out economic slump... Legalizing gay marriage would be JUST the boost needed... Do people realize how much money us gay's will spend to put on the most FABULOUS weddings

ANYWAY I think that is enough of that for one blog...

I am a bit tapped on what to write and got distracted by watching "Family Guy" so my train of thought has been disrupted.

SO I shall call it a night, Thanks for reading and I look forward to rambling some more tomorrow night.