Friday, 2 November 2012

Bloggerino for the negletorino's

WOW okay so that whole "Blog a day" thing kinda failed... AWKWARD...

SO new mission statement. ONE BLOG A WEEK... I feel this is a little bit more plausible and hopefully will provide with more interesting reading material.

In the time since we last spoke... read... blogged? SO much has happened.

Firstly the show I am performing in "42nd Street" is in it's second week of the three week season. So far the show is going really well and the audiences are loving it. The show is bloody exhausting and such a fast paced show but it is worth it. Having a ball. Only down side is after a massive production week into opening weekend I have become quite run down and my cold turned into a chest infection which I am still trying to shake.

My family have had an event filled few weeks. My nephew decided to swallow a 10c coin which got stuck in his throat. Thankfully it was lodged in his food pipe and not his breathing/wind pipe (Clearly I am not a doctor) and it was also vertical and didn't completely obstruct his pipe. He ended up being taken to a Melbourne hospital where they put him under and took the coin out. He has made a complete recovery now which is good... Only side effect is his new nickname "Money Box"
Less than a week later my Sister was in hospital herself with pneumonia, after a few days she was sent home, tired and with some nasty bruises from the IV drips and blood tests but glad to be home.

Surprise surprise back to Theatre... I am the Musical Director for a production of "Hairspray the Musical" in Gippsland with one of my "Home" theatre companies. I have been planning and sorting for the show non-stop since gaining the position. The only down side is the 2 hour travel to and from Gippsland for rehearsals BUT it will be worth it.

I will hopefully be applying for Assistant MD for a production of Bare that will be staged slightly later in the year. Am yet to decide if I want to audition to be in the production or be on the production team... Time will decide.

Anyway. I am going to go... I am in the process of uploading millions of Musical Theatre pic's from various shows I've been in over the years... Then I will be heading off for another show of "42nd Street" tonight.

Till next time =D

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