Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Woopsy Doodle

Hello all....

Okay so by now I think that you have all noticed that I haven't really been posting every day like I originally planed to... My bad... HOWEVER I think I will just blog a couple of times a week as I am quite often home late or busy and just don't have time to blog... and when I do I can't think of anything to tell you guys about. SO if I just blog when I have something to blog about it should make for slightly more interesting reading.

MUSICALS!!!! WOOO!!!! (I didn't know how else to start the topic =S) As you know I am in a production of "42nd Street" with NOVA. The show is going really well. We had a weekend rehearsal over the weekend just passed which was AMAZINGLY productive. Unfortunately on the Sunday towards the end of the day while going through the opening "Audition Dance" I dislocated my knee and in the process of falling to the floor I twisted my ankle and somehow bruised my Achilles tendon which was more painful than the knee =S It's recovering well though and is no where near as painful now as it was yesterday.

I AM GETTING AN iPHONE 5 TODAY!!! WOO!!!! Bit sad though because I got an 'Angry Bird' phone case for my iPhone 4s in a show bag and the new ones are longer and skinnier so I can't use it any more. Never the less... NEW PHONE!

I took my niece Ellie to the Melbourne Show for her birthday last week. It was her first time to the show, she had an amazing time. It was quite amusing on the way down though as the train from Gippsland to Melbourne is a 2 hour trek and she was rather impatient. Once at the show though she was high as a kite. We (Tristan and I) took her on her first roller coaster ride, she was nervous but laughed the whole time. Then she wanted to go on these inflatable balls that the kids go in and try to run around in a pool. It was rather funny watching her try to stand yet alone walk. After a few hours and a lot of money we decided to call it a day and begin the 2 hour trip back home, which again she felt was going slower and slower.

The next day (which was her actual birthday) we spend the day at Gran's place (my mum's) Ellie came over for morning tea and to collect her presents (I wish my birthdays were still as exciting as they were when I was 9) The weather was amazing so my sister Nat, Tristan and I took Ellie (Niece) and Matt (Nephew) to the school across the road to play with the Frisbee Matty got in his show bag. Didn't last to long before the kids got bored so we wondered around the school, climbed trees and had a water fight at the drinking fountain. Was a great afternoon.

Since then I have just been  rehearsing.. Helping out Panorama with their production of "Footloose" so nothing overly different at the moment.

Anyway, I am going to head off now. I shall Blog you all soon =D

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